Heart Dog Publishing was inspired by a Long Haired Dachshund, Hallie. You can read her true story in her book, ‘Puppy Picasso.” It is illustrated with photos of Hallie throughout her life and the incredible adventure that followed what seemed to be a tragedy.

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The true story of a little blind dog who could paint

Written and illustrated by Dee Dee Murry

Hallie, the dachshund, was dumped at a shelter during the night as a puppy. She found her forever home and lived a great life until the age of 10 when she went blind. What happened after that was something neither her or her human Mom would ever have thought possible. A story of inspiration and hope!

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This is a video of Hallie creating her very first painting. It was about 2 months before she went blind and the only painting she did before she lost her sight.

This is an early “training” session just 2 months after Hallie went blind. She loved learning and never wanted to stop during our practice!


Dee Dee Murry is an artist, author, photographer and, most importantly, dog (and animal) lover. Her first book, “Puppy Picasso” is the true story about her rescue longhaired dachshund, Hallie. Stay tuned for children’s books about Hallie, as well as a series of picture books about Dee Dee’s spunky little Havanese dog, Sophie.

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